4 Shocking Rules and Demands Albert Einstein’s wife had to follow

Until today, 63 years after his death, Albert Einstein remains one of the world’s most important scientists, but his personal life hasn’t been very successful.

Einstein began betraying his wife, Mileva Marić, a successful mathematician, shortly after their marriage, which ended only 11 years later. But the world-famous mathematician wanted to stay together only for their children, which Mileva had to agree to a long list of strict demands and rules.

It was not expected that she would approve the list, which she turned mainly to help instead of a wife. The list was published in the biography of Walter Isaacson’s book Einstein: His Life and Universe, according to Mail Online, which included:

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1. Make sure of the following:

  • Put my clothes in good condition and wash them.
  • I have to eat my three meals regularly in my room.
  • Maintain the order and the elegance of my bedroom and my bureau, especially my desk.


2. Abandon all personal relationships, as long as they are not necessary for social reasons. Specifically:

  • Forget about me sitting with you at home.
  • Going out or traveling with you.


3. Obey the following points in your relationships with me:

  • Do not expect any intimate relationship or attempt to put blame on the outcome of any action.
  • Stop talking to me if I ask for it.
  • Leave my bedroom or my bureau directly without objection if requested.


4. The pledge not to underestimate me in front of our children, whether through words or behavior.


Not surprisingly, this did not last long, as Mileva divorced him in 1919.


Source: Mirror

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